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AI and Quant Trading, without needing to write the code!

Who Are We?

A fintech startup exploring the use of Quants and AI to build systematics portfolios that anyone can use. We want to simplify investment research for the average investor.
We have built general index tracking strategies for Value and Growth stocks and custom AI strategies that build on momentum to add alpha.

Stock Review

Smart quantamental research evaluating each stock to produce a star ranking, fundamental quality score, and a mulit-factor overview.

Smart Strategies

Quant and AI based strategies are taylored to match popular investment styles such as value, growth or momentum investing.

Personal Performance

Improve your performance by following our smart strategies to find insights that are descovered by our unique technology.


  • Growth Quants

    The Growth Algorithm Strategy invests in US traded equities.
    It examines fundamental factors pertaining to growth over the past and the mid term future.
    The Growth portfolio selection is optimized for highest rate of success in the next 30 to 90 days at a forecasted rate of growth of around 15% annually combining the companies mid-term profitability outlook

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  • Value Quants

    The Value Algorithm Strategy invests in US traded equities in US.
    It examines fundamental factors pertaining to value and profitability attributes and selects companies that are perceived as undervalued while still demonstrating consistency in the near and long term returns.
    The portfolio selection is optimized for highest rate of succeed in the next 30 to 90 days with a forecasted rate of return around 10% annually with its near-term profitability outlook.

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  • Momentum AI

    This Momentum AI machine learning algorithm seeks to select stocks that are most likely to appreciate in the next 15 to 30 days.
    The algorithm is based on growth stocks with good sentiment outlook after analysing the technical momentum price action.

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“A good investor is the one who knows how to take risk but not too much risk.”
- Nabil Mouchawar -

Screenshots from our Cue Mobile App

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    Growth Quants Portfolio



    Value Quants Portfolio



    Momentum AI Portfolio


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    Company "APPLE"



    Company "APPLE"



    Company "APPLE"


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